“Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without.” -Buddha

July 28, 2011

Catch up...

            I really should blog more... I had planned on updating and posting frequently durring the summer since I had some time off from school, and then I remembered, I'm planning a wedding. So that didn't happen. But, the wedding did! It was so worth all of the time, and I really mean ALL OF THE TIME, invested. The entire thing was DIY, from the decor, to the flowers, to the food, and even the photography (my cousin Karah shot and I am editing.) Myself, or matt's insanely talented mother literally stitched all of the big parts together, and had plenty of help from friends and family for all of the details! And if I had to describe how I felt that day....
This about sums it up. 
Happy, Special, Loved, and so in love I thought my heart might physically burst from my body

It was perfect, just close family and friends, we didn't have to introduce one another to anyone, and we could mingle and enjoy our labor of love! Matt looked handsome, Presley channelled her inner princess, and I felt like the luckiest girl alive! Truly a fairytale kind of day, and that was only our first day as Mr. and Mrs. Garrett. The honeymoon was magic, but it deserves it's own post (coming soon!), and as much as I dreaded jumping back into the real world, it really has been so much better with such a great man to call my husband at my side. How cheesy am I right now? I know... but, I can't help it! We are the same people we were before that day, but as a couple something so amazing and beautiful has rapidly evolved from us. 
So, before I make any of you lose your last meal, here are a few of my favorites I've been working on...

I have yet, to pick a favorite.....

January 17, 2011

For you, Dr. Cooper.

My name is Cheneil Leavitt and this is my first semester as a sophomore. I'm still toying with what I'm going to be when I grow up. I'm pretty set on majoring in JCOM, and most likely in journalism. I'd love to find a way to combine writing and some other kind of art. So, I'm hoping to minor or do an emphasis in interior design, or photography, giving me a better background to work with a magazine or website in either field. I suppose what I'm really saying is.... I need to talk to an advisor and figure it all out!
If you are trying to spot me out in class, I'll probably be sitting somewhere near the front. (I get sidetracked if I don't.) I'm just about to turn 23, have long dark hair and will be wearing the most comfortable thing I could find; toting the same red backpack I've had since I was a junior in high school. 
I am a mother to a pretty amazing three year-old girl, Presley, and spending time with her is currently my favorite hobby. Together we love to read, color, build outstanding play-doh sculptures and extreme block towers, jog to the park (weather-providing), and of course, play dress-up. My personal hobbies include reading, yoga, writing, cooking, snowboarding, creating things, and enjoying time with friends and family. I was proposed to by a pretty awesome guy last July, so wedding planning is also a current time-consumer, and it has turned me into a wine-enthusiast! We haven't set a date yet, but Presley and I have dresses and he has a suit, so we're ready!
Between work, school, and being a mother I usually have to get my news on the go. NPR, news-sites, and news apps on my phone are my go to sources. NPR is where the majority of my news comes from because I live in Fielding and spend about an hour and a half commuting everyday. 
So, that's me in a nutshell! I'm looking forward to the class and if you need to contact me my phone number is (818) 519-0378, and my email is Cheneil.Leavitt@gmail.com.

Presley and I
Matt and Presley

January 13, 2011

Love, Your Techno-Tard Fiance

Confession, Technology has passed me by, (yes, In my ripe old age of 22) I can't seem to keep up. If you think I'm joking, I just somehow managed to sign up for a $9.99 monthly texting service trying to sign into my blog. (I did figure out how to cancel it.) 
I don't know how it has taken me so long to realize how behind the times I am, but it's time to catch up! I don't have a single class that doesn't involve some sort of online website I struggle to navigate, and God forbid they have two or more! I nearly had a panic attack when signing into a class blog and seeing the daunting list of links and e-books before me. 
Perhaps my ridiculously competitive nature, that comes with a healthy dose of "I can figure it out on my own", has brought me to this point... No, I'll go ahead and blame two others, A: Steve Jobs, Yes you, Mr. Apple. I owe a big thank you, and F you to the beautiful, wonderful world of apple products. THEY MAKE IT SO EASY! Everything ends up exactly where it should be and I rarely have a question on how to do anything. "They tricks us, the master." (Excuse the nerdy Lord of the Rings reference.)
Anyway, apple fooled me into believing that I could so masterfully navigate the interwebs, cellphones, and computer applications. And here I am, stumped on unzipping a file. I will be asking The Google how to do it later, or calling Matt. Which leads me to scapegoat number two. Matthew Garrett. The loving fiance who does it all for me. He walks me through the most simple procedures, giving me false hope that I can indeed do it on my own. He should have told me long ago how technologically challenged I am. Instead, he waited until Saturday...
Matty was patiently waiting for me to get ready while he sat in his room surfing the web, probably on one of the many public news sites I constantly mock him for reading, when I walked in to show him yet another wedding blog with cut tree stumps I had to have, and he would have to make. (I'm not sure if it was the tree stumps, but it was some kooky detail I must have, that he really doesn't give a shit about.) I saw the look of panic in his eye as I sat down and grabbed the mouse and keyboard. He finally snapped. "I nearly stop breathing every time you type in "WWW."!" I was completely confused... he then explained to me that you no longer need to type in "WWW."when you are going to a website, nor have you for the past five years. 
"Really?" I asked enthusiastically. "Yes, the computer actually knows you are on the Internet, it knows that you are searching for something on the World Wide Web, you don't have to type that in anymore!"
"That will save so much time!" His reply was an eye-roll and some smirk, hes grown used to my naivety by now. 
So, New Years Resolution #435.... Catch up! 

And sorry for the endless phone calls, text messages, and "hey tells" that are coming your way on this quest my love, but one day, when I've mastered it all, they will stop! ....and then there will be an update.